How Unstoppable Are You?

That Bat Looks RABID! Have you been stockpiling cheetos in preparation for the end of the world? All signs point to apocalypse. That is unless a hero takes a stand to save the free world. Could you be the Unstoppable one spoken of in legend? Here's your chance to find out!

That's a HUNGRY Lookin Fish! Unstoppable Fist, THE action game of 2012 has arrived! Play as Fist, a hero called from beyond the stars who has come to Earth to answer our desperate cry for help. Survive as long as you can against never ending waves of evil monsters.

That's a CRAZY Chicken! Deliver powerful blows with your Loafers of Light and Unstoppable Fists to defeat your enemies. Tap at one of six onscreen touch zones to deliver your attacks to HI, MID, and LOW levels. Beware, each enemy type has a different attack that will test even the most skilled player!


  • Retro style graphics and old school fighting gameplay will take you back to the days of action game legends such as Kung Fu and Street Fighter
  • Multiple skill levels make it great fun for the inexperienced and pro gamer alike.
  • An ever increasing difficulty will will give you a beating and have you screaming for more!
  • Three animated stages featuring more than 20 different enemies!
  • Game Center leader boards let you see how your skills stack up against your friends!
  • A rockin soundtrack that can be downloaded for free!

This game will bring you to finger tapping nirvana while you face down the speed demons from hell. Saving the world is not easy task, but with a Golden Mullet and unmatched martial arts skills, Fist is up to the challenge!

Buy Unstoppable Fist Now! The world will thank you!

Official Trailer:
Who Will Save the Earth From Impending Doom?

Teaser Trailer:
Play as the Unstoppable Fist and save the world from evil!

Bonus: Free Soundtrack Download

We thought that the Unstoppable Fist soundtrack is so cool that we would share it with the world for free! Head on over to Unstoppable Fist Offical Soundtrack Band Camp Page to download it now